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Lid Unscramblers

Enhance your production line with our FDA and CFIA standard lid unscramblers.

Streamlining Lid Packaging with FTS Unscramblers

FTS transforms the concept of lid handling, merging innovation with efficiency for unmatched production alignment.

Flamboro Technical Services offers a variety of options for lid unscramblers and de-nesters. Our unscramblers are capable of sorting and orienting lids of various shapes, such as round and non-round, and various sizes of lids. Designed for 100% wash down, they are constructed from stainless steel and plastics, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. These systems are user-friendly, self-contained units, utilizing internal electrical controls to regulate their start and stop functions, ensuring proper feed control to the downstream systems and allowing a variety of production needs to be accommodated. Users simply load lids into the hopper, and the system manages the carrying, sorting, and orienting of the lids for application to your packaging downstream.

We offer several models of unscramblers, each with unique features. Each of these models is tailored to meet specific needs in lid handling and packaging processes.


This compact unscrambler is designed for sorting and orienting round lids. It utilizes gravity and mechanical adjustments to achieve this. The model also features a manual discharge gate, which helps in singulating the lids as they exit the machine.


An advanced version of the 16-075, this compact unscrambler is also for round lids but is taller and includes several design upgrades. It features a photo-electrical backward lid detection system and uses pneumatic blow-off for lid orientation. Additionally, it has an automatic discharge gate assembly, enhancing automation and user interface.


This model is specifically designed for non-round lids. Like the 16-075-TB, it uses a photo-electrical backward lid detection system and pneumatic blow-off for sorting and orienting lids. It also includes an automatic discharge gate assembly, facilitating automation and ease of operation.

Our Approach

At FTS, we understand the crucial role that unscramblers play in the efficient operation of packaging lines. Our approach marries deep technical knowledge with practical, on-the-ground experience, ensuring that every unscrambler we design and implement meets the highest standards of efficiency, reliability, and usability.

Focused on End-User Experience

Our unscramblers are not just machines; they’re solutions. We prioritize the end-user experience, ensuring that our systems are intuitive and straightforward. By combining user-friendly interfaces with robust mechanics, we deliver equipment that’s easy to operate, reducing the learning curve and maximizing productivity.

Built for Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency is the cornerstone of our design philosophy. We’ve fine-tuned our unscramblers to sort and orient lids with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Our system’s unique vertical travel mechanism ensures that every lid is optimally positioned for the packaging filling line, streamlining processes and reducing the chances of operational hiccups.

Adaptable to Unique Operational Needs

Recognizing that no two facilities have identical needs, our unscramblers are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether your operation requires continuous lid supply or intermittent bursts, our machines adapt seamlessly.

Partnering with Our Clients

At Flamboro Technical Services, we believe that the true essence of success lies in collaboration. Beyond mere transactions, we prioritize building and sustaining healthy relationships with our clients.

Forge Meaningful Partnerships

Every partnership we cultivate is a testament to our dedication, mutual respect, shared goals and trust. It’s not just about providing services; it’s about understanding the intricate nuances of each client’s vision and challenges. Through these deep-rooted collaborations, we find ourselves better equipped and inspired to craft tailor-made solutions that cater to the most unique applications and specifications.

Why Choose FTS for Lid Unscramblers

In a fast-paced packaging environment, the right unscrambling solution can make all the difference. FTS’s lid unscramblers stand out in the industry, not just for their robust design but for their commitment to precision, efficiency, and reliability. Here’s why choosing FTS is the smart decision.

Precision in Design and Execution

FTS’s unscramblers are meticulously engineered to provide optimal lid orientation every single time. Our designs, rooted in extensive industry experience, ensure that lids are conveyed from bulk hoppers and sorted in the most efficient manner, reducing waste and optimizing the flow to your packaging line.

Easy Control and Adaptability

Our unscramblers come equipped with easy-to-use control mechanisms, allowing operators to adjust speeds as production needs change. With a single start-stop button and a photo eye that automates operational decisions, our unscramblers are as user-friendly as they are efficient, making them an indispensable asset to your facility.

“FTS consistently delivers a high quality product while maintaining the flexibility for a quick response required by our business.”

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Lid Unscramblers FAQs

The FTS lid unscrambler is designed to convey lids from a bulk hopper, sorting them as they travel vertically. It ensures lids are oriented correctly, with improperly oriented lids cascading back to the hopper for re-sorting. Once sorted, the lids are aligned in a single-file format, ready to be conveyed to the packaging filling line.

Absolutely! Our unscramblers are driven by a 230-volt, wash-down gearbox controlled by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). This allows for easy speed adjustments to perfectly align with your production requirements.

Yes, our unscramblers are 100% wash-down compliant. Every component of our unscrambler design meets both FDA and CFIA standards, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and adherence to regulatory benchmarks.

Lids that are not oriented correctly as they travel upward will cascade off the conveyor belt and return to the hopper. This design ensures that only properly oriented lids continue on the conveyor to the packaging filling line.

The operation of our lid unscrambler is straightforward. With a single start-stop button and an automated photo eye, the unscrambler can determine when to operate based on the production line’s needs. This user-friendly design ensures minimal training and easy integration into existing processes.